Snorkelling in Melbourne? Yes, it’s a thing! Port Phillip Bay is filled with life and colours, and if you’re a keen snorkeller or diver it is not to be missed! Jawbone Marine Sanctuary is just 20 minutes from the CBD, so there is no excuse not to explore it.


It is quite a sheltered spot and can be accessed in most conditions. Because of its proximity to the city, it is my go-to place when I just need a little bit of that ocean feeling. I have been there in both high and low tide, in southerly and northerly winds.

Marine life

There is plenty to see here! I always try to find the rays that hang around on the sandy bottom and hiding under rocks. You can find plenty of toadfish (especially the tiny juveniles that are adorable) and other fish like flatheads. I also really love the mix of colours you get, especially the pink and green together. The purple sea urchins also give the landscape a pop of colour.

Getting to Jawbone

There is parking on Mullins Court and then it’s just a 5 minutes walk down to the beach/snorkel entry.

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