12 days in paradise

You know how some places instantly feels like home? This was that kind of place. The kind of place where the next day is always better than the one before. Where content is constant and worries don’t exists. You spend your days in clear crispy waters and your nights under starlit skies to the soundtrack of rolling waves. And I never expected to find paradise in such a remote and rugged place.

Open Water Dive Course

Dive certification: check! I did my course at the Navy Pier in Exmouth, which is supposed to be one of the top 10 shore dives in the world. And I can understand why! The biggest highlight was a gruesome looking 3 meter long grey nurse shark.

Turquoise bay – Pt. 2

On the second visit at Turquoise bay it was time for the drift snorkel. So you walk all the way to the south point of the first bay and then you get in the water and just go with the current over the reef. Gotta get out in time though, or you’ll be in a bit of trouble. Someone told me that the place you end up if you get dragged out by the currents (yes plural) is a tiger shark breeding ground. Exciting!


Some things you never expect yourself experiencing in your life, I bet swimming with a whaleshark is one of those things for many people. And I was lucky enough to do it. The two previous days they hadn’t spotted any whalesharks, but after a few hours we got the call that they had spotted one. It was a great day. Snorkelling, watching the humpback whales, and of course – swimming with the gentle giant of the sea.