I never planned to move to Stockholm. I just ended up here. I was offered a job and decided to take it even though I was hesitant to move to the big city. I had been here a few times before and what I remembered was all the stressed people and crowded subways. That was Stockholm to me before I moved here.

Stockholm is so much more to me today – it’s one of the best chapters in my life. It’s this beautiful collection of islands connected by endless bridges. It’s rustik old buildings and backstreets filled with hidden gems. It’s having my first real job and starting a great career. It’s a city of endless possibilities. It’s meeting great people that I know will be friends for life. It’s beer gardens and dangling your feet over the water and music concerts in summer rain. It’s being lost and found and lost all over again. Stockholm is a lover and a friend.

But like most great love stories this one shall end as well. At least for now. I leave this city today filled with great memories and experiences. I leave to seek new adventures, but I know Stockholm will be there waiting for me if I decide to return one day.

See you soon, Berlin.

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