Hideaway Island in Vanuatu

In the South Pacific, 3 hours from Brisbane, is the island nation Vanuatu. It consists of 80 or so islands so you’re bound to find one you like. 10 minutes from the international airport in the capital Port Vila is Mele bay. From here, it takes only a few minutes to get over to Hideaway Island. Here are my top 5 things to do while staying at Hideaway Island: 1. Go for a snorkel. Several times a day. Every day. The whole island is basically a big beach. You can go from bed to ocean in less than a minute and the snorkelling is pretty good! In conservation efforts the islands has created coral plantations where you’ll always find a few fishies hiding. Don’t be surprised if you spot an octopus or a cuttlefish. 2. Scuba dive until you can’t dive no more The island offers great diving, and many different dive sites within just 10 minutes from the island. There are two different wrecks and a spot called Gotham City where you can spot the white tip sharks early in the morning. The site is named after a big school of batfish that sometimes hangs around. 3. Watch the fireshow […]

Underwater post office

Ever wanted to post a card from the bottom of the South Pacific? There’s actually a place where you can do that. The place is called Hideaway Island and can be found 10 minutes from Port Vila, Vanuatu. And yes, it actually made it all the way to Sweden – it took approximately 2 weeks. You can read more about it here.